Meditations July 1, 2022


Secularism is a very subtle and dangerous enemy. It does not seem like an enemy at all, but rather a way for the church to become in touch with the world.

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Meditations May 1, 2022

This Is The Day of Resurrection

The joy and splendor of Pascha is always renewing, like we experience it for the very first time, every time.

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Meditations April 1, 2022

Our School of Salvation

This blessed season gives us the gift of beginning to see ourselves as we really are in the light of Him who patiently waits for us to become who we truly are: created to live and to find that true life in Him.

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Meditations February 1, 2022

The Greatest Love Story

This month as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let us also reflect on the greatest love story ever told, found in the Scriptures and celebrated at every Divine Liturgy.

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Meditations January 1, 2022

The Lord's Baptism in the Scripture

The Holy Scriptures guide us to understand that the beginning of the Messiah's ministry was prefaced by the sermon of John the Baptist: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" (Matthew 3:2)

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