Meditations July 1, 2024

Being Freed from Evil

The fifth Sunday of St. Matthew presents to us two demoniacs who meet with the Lord, an episode of exorcism and an essential part of our Lord’s activity on earth.

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Meditations June 1, 2024

We Are Growing. Are We Ready?

People are coming of their own volition. And they are hungry – for Truth, for Life, and for the Love of Jesus Christ. While this is an exciting prospect, the question I constantly ask myself is are we ready to receive them?

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Meditations May 7, 2024

Love that is Active, Enthusiastic, and without Measure

Christ has given the ultimate gift of true Life, but how are we receiving it and what we are doing with it? There is only one answer to that question – to love one another.

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Meditations March 1, 2024

The Great Fast As A Journey Of The Heart

As we have begun the season of Triodion, we sing the words “Open to me the doors of repentance, O Giver of life” during the Orthros service, and we prepare to enter into Great Lent, beginning.

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Meditations February 1, 2024

Finding the Inner Man

St. Makarios shares with us the solution to the brokenness of the world – a journey inward.

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