Meditations February 1, 2023

God is Wondrous in His Saints

What do we make of the seemingly fanciful accounts of the intervention of the Saints? Are these but the tales of unsettled minds or might they be… real?

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Meditations December 1, 2022

The Gift of Christ to Our Youth

The greatest gift we can gift our children is their faith and relationship with Christ.

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Meditations October 1, 2022

You Got To Be Nice!

One of the most challenging facets of Christianity is that it is about personal transformation, not self-improvement.

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Meditations September 1, 2022

Where Does the Time Go?

God created and gave us the time we have on this earth. Are we spending it the way He asks us to?

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Meditations August 1, 2022

Be Transfigured

In Christ's Transfiguration, we are called to seek nothing less than participating in Christ’s divinity.

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