The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco Stewardship Ministry invites you to the 2022 Monthly Ministries Series. This year, our topics will expand beyond stewardship and will engage our ministries in presentations and discussions on topics that will help your personal and spiritual growth, deepen your understanding of true Christian stewardship, and provide valuable information and insight into our ministries and how you can continue to serve the Church through your time, talent and treasure.

    Past Presentations

    Building Stronger Families for Stronger Parishes

    Families today are faced with immense challenges. George Papageorge M.F.T., Director and Presvytera Pat Tsagalakis will share an overview of the vital work of our Metropolis Family Wellness Ministry. Now is time to equip parishes with relevant, practical and life-giving tools while building authentic Christ centered communities “Face to Face and Heart in Heart.” You are invited to engage in conversation and hear of the exciting possibilities for your family and parish.

      Giving Thanks and An Attitude of Gratitude and Getting on the Road to Tithing

      Having an “Attitude of Gratitude” can make all the difference with your stewards and donors. We need to recognize that people are giving from the heart, and we need to respond with thankful hearts. Metropolis Director of Development and Communications Kristen Bruskas will share new and creative ways to thank your congregation, your ministry leaders, and all those who contribute to the growth of your parish.

      Everyone wants a stewardship magic trick to solve their problems. As it turns out, our Lord and the Church provided us the most effective answer. Giving in proportion to our blessings! In other words, percentage giving leading to the tithe. The question is, how can we do that in our churches today? Join Bill Marianes to discuss practical solutions to inspire the type of generosity our Lord instructed us to model so that our parishes will have everything they need and so much more.

      Fostering a Culture of Lifelong Christian Learning

      In keeping with this year’s theme of “Equipping and Enriching Parish Life”, helping our parishes strengthen their own Christian Education programs is of utmost importance in not only bringing our parishioners physically back to church, but also bringing them closer to Christ and His teachings. Two of our esteemed clergy and their rich experiences in fostering such a culture in their parishes and far beyond.

      Topics presented include:

      • Orthodox Christianity 101 and the restoration of the catechumenate
      • Bible Studies as the heart of parish education, as it was for the Fathers
      • The need to discern and develop the gifts of lay catechists, teachers and theologians in the parish
      • Education as spiritual formation
      • Understanding the rhythms of the church, its fast periods, and seasons of celebrations
      • Great Feasts (e.g., Christmas, Holy Week) and their meaning

      May 16, 2022 - [VIDEO] Fostering a Culture of Lifelong Christian Learning

      Technologies for Engaging and Revitalizing Our Parishes

      From websites to livestream services, online giving platforms, and electronic communications, there is a wide array of opportunities for our communities to reach their congregations through various technological advancements, as well as utilizing resources from the Archdiocese. Our featured presenter will be Jamil Samara, Director of the Department of Internet Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. He will be joined by Rev. Father Paul Kaplanis, Dean on the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Atlanta, who will share what his parish is doing to leverage technology as a way to enhance ministry.

      Mission Work that Creates Stronger Parishes

      For the Church of Christ, mission work is an existential necessity. It is not an optional task that we can put off until some future date when we believe we will be “ready”. No, the urgency to share the love and truth of Christ flows from the sacrament of Baptism itself, in which the Gospel reading commands us to “make disciples of all nations”. This baptismal Gospel reading demonstrates that the work of mission and evangelism is never in competition with other tasks in the Church; rather, it is the most fundamental expression of our life in Christ and our obedience to the Son of God. We invite you to join us and hear about what MEM is doing to Educate, Equip, and Engage clergy and faithful in Evangelism and Missions, and how you and your parish can join us in this vital work.

      Fr. Jerry Markopoulos and Kenny Scott will share an overview of the vital work of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco Missions and Evangelism Ministry (MEM).

      Revitalizing Parish Health & Achieving Operational Excellence

      Over the past two years, our world has shifted. And while our Orthodox theology, worship, and ethos remain intact, many parishes have struggled to adopt – or define - the "new normal" for parish life and ministry involvement. Many are realizing that the return to pre-pandemic programs, resources, and approaches that worked previously are no longer effective or sustainable. As the new ecclesiastical year unfolds, an exceptional opportunity to "revision" what parish life can be in 2023 presents itself.

      To assist our parishes in their journeys, during this segment, our speakers will:

      Explore the new context and shifting landscape facing our parishes in the post-pandemic world (and "carry-over" opportunities that our parishes were already encountering).

      Identify the six most critical areas of parish life which are vital to revitalizing Parish Health and optimizing Operational Effectiveness.

      Steve Tibbs, Nicholas Chakos, and Bill Marianes share new tools and an emerging Orthodox ministry dedicated to helping parishes achieve transformational change.

      An Introduction to Cultivating Generosity in Parishes

      Meredith McNabb from the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving reflects on how giving has changed and continues to change in your parish context, and consider a year-round, spiritually-grounded approach to inviting generosity within your parish.

      Equipping a Stewardship Chair and Their Committee

      True Christian Stewardship brings forth the many talents, treasures, and time that God has provided each of us and is the foundation on which our parishes flourish. A great Stewardship program is led by a strong Stewardship Chair or Chairs. And these Stewardship Chairs only succeed with the support of a great Stewardship Committee.