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Rev. Fr. John Beal – Presiding Priest


We seek to understand our Orthodox faith, live that faith, and offer our faith to others. We witness the Orthodox faith by understanding the faith handed down by Christ to the Apostles, by living Orthodoxy as a way of life, by participating regularly in the Sacraments, and by offering Orthodoxy to others. We grow our parish by attracting new members, by educating them about Orthodoxy, and by inspiring all members to continue the growth of Orthodoxy in the community.

We foster involvement in our parish life by developing ministries to serve and engage all age groups including non-practicing Orthodox. We promote self-sufficiency of our parish by developing a culture of gratitude for God’s blessings by offering our time, talents, and treasures to carry out the mission of the Orthodox Church. We foster an environment that promotes fellowship, honesty, and trust. We cherish and promote our Hellenic Heritage, yet at the same time we accept and embrace people of all backgrounds and warmly welcome all visitors to our parish.