Youth Stewardship

Dr. Ann Mitsakos Bezzerides shares her insight into the importance of Youth Stewardship and how the younger generation can be engaged in this important and transformative ministry. While being a “steward in good standing” at your parish might start at the age of 18, it is never too early to instill in our children and youth the importance of learning to give to the church. Perhaps it might be part of their allowance. Maybe they can volunteer for a local charity. Do they have a talent they can use to help others?

            Key Elements of a Successful Stewardship Campaign

            Bill Marianes shares “Key Elements of a Successful Stewardship Campaign” including practical examples of how your communication strategy with your parish can help cultivate a community and a culture of giving and gratitude.

            Getting Parishioners Back to Church

            After a long year of virtual worship, ministry, and distanced stewardship, the doors of our churches are opening. Are people ready to come back? Do people want to come back? How can we inspire people to come back into the church for worship, and provide a safe and supportive environment? How do we re-energize engagement and re-ignite True Christian Stewardship?

                  Forming an Effective Committee

                  By organizing a full committee, you will empower your team with the necessary people-power to do all of the stewardship work a parish needs to do, and forming the vital team to do visits with each parishioner as outlined in the “Wholy Engaged” personal solicitation process that will be described in detail. We always hear how “it takes a village – a horio” to work together to accomplish great things, and forming an effective stewardship committee at your parish will be your village.

                      Life After Festivals

                      This past year has been an eye-opener for many of our parishes, who had to cancel their Greek Festivals and other major fundraising initiatives due to the pandemic. This put an immediate focus on Stewardship and the importance of cultivating stewards who are fully invested in the parish – not just through financial support – but as engaged participants in ministry and as lay leaders. For too long our parishes have relied upon Festival income to meet their annual budget. Now is the time to think about how your Festival can be re-imagined as an opportunity for outreach and community engagement.

                        Fostering Community Outreach and Evangelism

                        Rev. Father John Kocolas (Nativity of Christ – Novato, CA), and Thomaida Hudanish (Metropolis Director of Missions and Evangelism) share strategies and ideas for “Fostering Community Outreach and Evangelism”. If we want to grow our parishes and stewardship, we need to be more attentive to how
                        we engage with the greater community through charitable works. Learn how we can extend our hands and hearts and demonstrate the love of Christ through our actions.

                        Ambassador Training Program

                        This session explores key elements of “Creating an Ambassador Program and Visitations”. As we work to re-engage our parishioners in worship and ministry, sometimes it takes personal contact to hear what parishioners have to say, to share valuable information on the progress of the parish, and to let them know they are valued members of the church family. It also includes an interactive role play so you can see first-hand how you can implement this with your Stewardship Committee and parish leadership.

                        Establishing a Planned Giving Program in Your Parish

                        A presentation on the importance of encouraging planned giving and the establishment of a planned giving program. He will share the resources developed by the Archdiocese Department pf Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism to assist the parish in establishing a planned giving program.

                        Welcoming Newcomers

                        This presentation explores our role as good stewards of Christ’s Church in bringing in new members into our parishes. These include: Parish Culture; Attracting Newcomers; Educating Newcomers; Engaging & Retaining our New Parishioners.

                        Year End Giving Campaigns and Donations

                        Stacey Stathulis from the Archdiocesan Department of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism presents on the topic of “Donation Platforms & Technologies”. Rev. Father James Kordaris and Bill Marianes speak on the topic of “Year-end Giving Campaigns & Outreach”.