To the Reverend Clergy, Esteemed Parish Councils, and Faithful of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco

Beloved in the Lord,

At the cusp of the Great and Holy Lent, a period of repentance and self-reflection, the Evil One has found a way to sow division and distrust among the nations of the world. As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, we join the world in praying for an immediate end to the unprovoked war against our brothers and sisters of Ukraine and the suffering of their people, many of whom are Orthodox Christians. Let us also pray that the Lord will soften the hearts of our Russian brethren and cease this senseless course of destruction.

The Assembly of Bishops in the United States have issued an Appeal for Peace in Ukraine.

I ask that the following “Prayer for Peace” be appended to the Divine Liturgy following the Prayer “Behind the Amvon” as well as a Trisagion for the repose of the victims, civilian and military, of this conflict.

Prayer for Peace

(from IOCC)

Almighty God and Creator, You are the Father of all people on the earth. Guide, we pray, all the nations and their leaders in the ways of justice and peace. Protect us from the evils of injustice, prejudice, exploitation, conflict, and war. Help us to put away mistrust, bitterness, and hatred. Teach us to cease the storing and using of implements of war. Lead us to find peace, respect, and freedom. Unite us in the making and sharing of tools of peace against ignorance, poverty, disease, and oppression. Grant that we may grow in harmony and friendship as brothers and sisters created in Your image, to Your honor and praise. Amen.

With Love in Christ,
+ G E R A S I M O S
Metropolitan of San Francisco

Photo by Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP via Getty Images