The St. Katherine Foundation of Redondo Beach, California was honored on Sunday, May 15, 2022 to once again award scholarships to students of the parish who have excelled in academics and service to the church and community. This annual event is funded by private endowments donated by stewards of St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Redondo Beach, CA, in addition to funds acquired through fundraising efforts each year with the exception of last year’s cancellation due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Currently, the Foundation has thirteen endowments and is also planning continued fundraising this fall. Nearly $30,000 was awarded in scholarships for 2022.

The St. Katherine Scholarship Program began 16 years ago by the Foundation through its youth ministry which is one of its top priorities to support. These students have shown a very high academic performance—matriculating to some of the many prestigious universities in the United States and abroad. Their service and dedication to the church and community is exemplary. Parish Priests, Rev. Michael Courey and Asst. Priest, Rev. Peter Dogias, as advisors, have played a major role with their dedication and guidance. Each student was presented their award individually after the Divine Liturgy by the Rev. Peter Dogias.

The Foundation is very grateful to the Loyola Marymount University Basil P. Caloyeras Center of Modern Greek Studies headed by Director Christina Bogdanou, who coordinated the review of the applicants by an objective committee comprised of academic professionals who are not members of the parish.

The thirteen scholarship endowments established in perpetuity are from: Chris W. and Joan Caras; Neko Colvins; Dr. Gus and Helen Dalis Family; Constantine “Gus” Farmans; George and Sue Giannioses Family; Dr. Demetreos and Cynthia Halikis Family; Dr. Michael and Rosalind Halikis Family; Philip and Jean Makris; George and Georgene Mitsanas Family; George Notaras; Christy and Dena Petrofanis Family; Angelo and Billie Revels Family; Patrick and Maria Santy Family. Since the inception of the Foundation in 2007, they have awarded over $350,000 in scholarships.

Congratulations to the 2022 awardees (in alphabetical order):

High School

  • Reena Estrada
  • George Furgis


  • Zoe Feller
  • Peter Furgis
  • George Gianoukakis
  • Rose Malki
  • Nikolas Tempereau
  • Christos Tsangaris

Graduate School

  • Jackson Dulgarian
  • Evangelia Makrygiannis
  • Ghattas Malki
  • Kasiani Wolfe

New 2022 Foundation Board Directors

  • President: Dr. Nicholas Halikis
  • Vice President: Chris W. Caras, Jr.
  • Secretary: Phil Makris
  • Treasurer: and Scholarship Chairwoman: Melanie O’Regan
  • Financial Advisor: Craig Brothers
  • Board Directors: Helen Dalis, Arty Feles, Rosalind Halikis, William Marutsos (Parish Council President), and Maria Santy
  • Advisors: Rev. Michael Courey and Rev. Peter Dogias