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The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco Church Music Federation Ministry is comprised of church musicians who serve in all capacities - adult choir singers, youth choir singers, directors, chanters, composers, organists, hierarchs and clergy.

With nearly 1,000 active adult and youth choir members in our Metropolis, we stay in touch with our members through our newsletter, regional Church Music Institutes, and our website. 

We are dedicated to providing the best possible resources to our parishes to help them establish and sustain music programs for adults, youth, and chanters. We offer guidance in many areas including:

  • Conducting skills
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • Repertoire selection
  • Vocal production
  • Training and developing singers
  • Congregational singing
  • Resources and materials to get you started

Youth Music Program

We can help you develop either a separate youth choir, or a program in conjunction with Sunday School.

Byzantine Chanting

We provide resources and instruction for chanting in English and Greek for new chanters or for existing chanters interested in furthering their knowledge and skill.